I looked up to Naomi pretty much my entire life, which meant she was looking down on me…

-Black Mirror, Nosedive


We must be aware of the dangers which lie in our most generous wishes. Some paradox of our nature leads us , when once we have made our fellow men the objects of our enlightened interest, to go on to make them the objects of our pity, then of our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion.

-Lionel Trilling quoted in Joan Didion, On Morality (Slouching towards Bethlehem)

Schwör mir keine Treue, leist mir keinen Eid, denn es reizt das Neue jeden mit der Zeit. Heiße Herzen geben niemals Ruh, suchen frischen Antrieb immerzu. Schwör mir keine Treue, weil ich mich zerstreue – gerade so wie du.

-Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz