We all think we know more
Than anyone who’s come before us,
We be the ones to see it all fall down
So it’s no one’s fault but ours.

-Rufus Coates, Watch It All Fall Down


And every state line
There’s a new set of laws,
And every police man
Comes equipped with extended claws.
There’s a thousand shades of white
And a thousand shades of black,
But the same rule always applies,
Smile pretty, and watch your back.

-Ani Difranco, Every State Line

What if there’s things we gotta do,
Things that need to be said.
You know I can’t apologize
For everything I know.
I mean you don’t have to agree with me,
But once you get me going
You better just let me go.
We have to be able to criticize
What we love,
Say what we have to say.
‘Cause if you’re not trying to make something better
Then as far as I can tell
You are just in the way.
-Ani Difranco, What If There’s No One Watching