The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Argh! Books to read piling up again! There’s the stack of library books, my ‘curated’ booklist for these few months. There’re the books on loan from friends, which always come with doses of guilt that grow every time I pass them over for something else. There’re the books that I found or rescued or received, and a couple that are presents from friends, actually just the one friend.

So, as always when the situation get’s like this, what do I do? I reach for the smallest book, like an emergency pressure release valve, get one out of the way quickly, then I can get back to the rest, and there are some that I’m quite excited about!

I never really wanted to read The Reluctant Fundamentalist. I knew of it, of course, the Booker shortlist, the movie, but it never particularly drew me. I only have it because a friend was making room on her shelf. So I took in Mr Mohsin Hamid, neither of us knowing that he would become just one of my unillustrious summer hustles. It’s totally unfair, I know. He may never have come with me if he had known.

Write you again soon.

-Reading the Why