A child may not know how to feed itself, or what to eat, yet it knows of hunger.

-Daniel Keyes, Flowers of Algernon


What made marriage so difficult back then was yet again that instigator of so many other sorts of heartbreak: the oversize brain. That cumbersome computer could cold so many contradictory opinions on so many different subjects all at once, and switch from one opinion or subject to another one so quickly, that a discussion between a husband and wife under stress could end up like a fight between blindfolded people wearing roller skates.

-Kurt Vonnegut, Galapagos

“I’ve met Bocker several times. He’s a civilized, liberal.minded man–with the usual trouble of liberal-minded men; that they think others are, too. He has an interested, inquiring mind. He has never grasped that the average mind when it encounters something new is scared, and says: ‘Better smash it, or suppress it, quick.'”

-John Wyndham, The Kraken Wakes

They gave me courses on love, on intelligence, most precious, most precious. They also taught me to count, and even to reason. Some of this rubbish has come in handy on occasions, I don’t deny it, on occasions which would never have arisen if they had left me in peace. I use it still, to scratch my arse with.

-Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable

… “You’re like a monkey on the superhuman side of humanity,” she said. “Almost human, like those poor chimpanzees. The only difference is that they’re trying to think up with their feelings and instincts, and you’re trying to feel down with your intellect. Almost human.”

-Aldous Huxley, Point Counter Point