American Gods by Neil Gaiman

What if the TV adaptation of a book was about to come out and you really want to see it but you haven’t read the original yet? As someone who is more of a reader than a series buff (though I like books and movies more or less equally) and definitely a purist (and, some would insist, a pedant), I think you should always read the book first. That doesn’t mean the book is always better, or course.

As you probably guessed, the series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is about to come out and while I’ve always wanted to read the book, and it was exactly the type of thing I liked as a teenager, I never did, and now it’s too late and I’m caught up in this entanglement of dilemmas that admits no correct, or even best, solution. The problem is, if I read American Gods now, will I still be able to enjoy the series? I would just be watching for the visuals. Or worse, I’d be comparing it to the book the whole time! But what can I do? Should I just read the book and wait to watch the series? Should I watch the series and come back to the book another time? Or maybe, in this TV age, should I not read the book at all? There’s going to be disappointment either way.

-Reading the Why

[Postscript: I read the book first]


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