The Last Man by Mary Shelley

Did you know Mary Shelley wrote 5 novels other than Frankenstein, as well as myriad short stories, children’s books, travel writings, articles and reviews? Did you know the idea for the book came during a stay in Geneva with Lord Byron after evenings telling German ghost stories? Did you know she was the daughter of philosopher and pioneer feminist Mary Wollstonecraft? More people should know this. More people should know Mary Shelley as more than that one word: Frankenstein!

I love science fiction and I love literature. Sadly, there just aren’t that many books that combine the two. I still remembering being blown away by Salman Rushdie’s Grimus. It’s not just me being a snob, it’s that, and also other stuff. So when I came across The Last Man with it’s promise of a nineteenth century gothic take on post-humanism, futurism and dystopia, I was suitably intrigued.

And then there’s the snob again, revelling in the pretension that very few people have even heard of this book let alone read it, a book so close to Shelley’s masterpiece, yet almost indecently neglected.

-Reading the Why

[End of Part Two]


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