The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood

I wanted to read Huxley’s Island but it was out so I got the next best thing: The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood. I say ‘next best thing’ but what I mean is Isherwood is the next author on the HU library shelf and I see him every time I go to get out a Huxley.

Huxley was one of the authors I decided to read more of when I realised how people often say they love a particular author even when they’ve only ever read one or two books by them (see Reading the Why: Homage to Catalonia), and I’ve been working through his novels in order. But there’re some gaps in the library collection so I decided to jump to the end. Someone else must’ve had the same idea? Another lit major trying to work out the meaning of Crome Yellow?

Besides, I’ve been meaning to read more Berlin literature, seeing as I live here: Döblin, Christiane F., more Fallada, less Kutscher. As for Isherwood, he wasn’t German, but I think The Berlin Stories can still be considered Berlin literature, nicht wahr?

-Reading the Why


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