On Anarchism by Noam Chomsky

Back from another trip to the library, and this time I seem to have netted myself some heavyweights, both physically and literarily. I find big books daunting. I’m impatient. So faced with these exciting new, thick volumes, I decided to squeeze in something else instead, something small, like an appetizer maybe. Someone once told me that the longer you wait to read those big, daunting classics, the less likely you are to ever read them. I hope they were wrong, because there are some very big books I keep putting off reading.

I rarely read non-fiction, just as I rarely watch documentaries. I expect that has something to do with impatience too. On Anarchism I found browsing a friend L’s shelf after a lovely belated birthday dinner party. I’d often seen it at the bookstore, it’s one of those slim volumes that are enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years, more long essays than full-length books. As it says on the back cover, it’s “an essential introduction for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of both anarchism and Chomsky’s thought.” that fits me pretty well. I’ve always had a vague interest in Chomsky since seeing the films Project Nim and Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? And it is probably no coincidence that a book on anarchism would grab my attention given the current world political climate. I feel anarchism is one of those concepts that everyone thinks they understand without ever really having given it any thought. Now that I think about it, this may well turn out not to be the quick, easy read I envisioned!

-Reading the Why

[Postscript: Also, I often feel guilty if I wait too long to read books I borrow from friends.]


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