Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

Don’t think I’m this big Gary Shteyngart fan just because he’s the first author to feature a second time on this blog. Though you could say I didn’t hate his other book or I wouldn’t be touching this one. It’s just that when I go to the library I often get multiple books out from the same author; it alleviates some of the stress of deciding which book to get.

The unflattering truth is I borrowed Super Sad True Love Story because I like long titles, it’s got a shiny cover, and the term ‘post human’ is used in the blurb. My other blog is called Be Less Human, where I write and collect articles, stories and comments about posthumanity. It’s also supposedly a dystopian novel and I do enjoy dystopian fiction even if the satire in this story does turn out to be painfully resonant.

But ultimately, the reason I’m reading Super Sad True Love Story is because my library books are due back this week and if I were to return it now, unread, I doubt I would pick it up again. I guess you could call it a sympathy read?

-Reading the Why

[End of Part One]


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