Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Always towards the end of the month (rolling month not calendar month) there comes a point when I just don’t know what to read next. I’ve plowed through the most exciting of the stack of books I got out of the library and the few that are left unread just seem unexciting. Sometimes it’s because I never really wanted to read them in the first place but felt I should, often it’s the heavier texts that are left, and sometimes it’s just because I’ve been staring at them for the last couple months and gotten used to ignoring them. It’s not uncommon for my girlfriend to come into the room to find me agonising over three books laid out on the table in front of me. It’s possible I take this too seriously. Or not, because by choosing Revolutionary Road, I may very well be condemning the remainder to being returned and not re-borrowed again for a long time.

I’ve never read anything by Richard Yates. All I know is that he is well regarded, his books are always right at the end of the fiction section, and Revolutionary Road was made into a movie touted as the long-awaited on-screen reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Yikes, that sounds really bad when I put it that way. Yes, well… let me just go and get started on dismantling my ignorance.

-Reading the Why


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