Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

Every time I go to the library, I get a whole stack of books out. I always do. The limit is something like 30 books at any time, and the library being two bus rides and a few stops on the underground away means I don’t get out there that often. At the same time, I love going there, browsing the shelves, seeing the students always studying, never reading. It’s a trade-off.

Being a book lover and part-time bookseller, I’d come across Absurdistan before but never picked it up. I knew it was satire but for whatever reason never considered it a novel, a story. We have Shteyngart’s most recent book on the display table at work, so when I recognised its shiny, confetti cover in the library I was curious (being a university library, it has a great collection of classic literature but a much smaller collection of new fiction) but thought I should read his earlier work first (they didn’t have his first novel).

I guess if I like Absurdistan, I’ll move on to the ‘shiny’ one.

-Reading the Why


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