“One wants a new space to be in, I quit agree,” she said. “But I think that a new world is a development from this world, and that to isolate oneself with one other person, isn’t to find a new world at all, but only to secure oneself in one’s illusions.”

“Perhaps,” she said, full of mistrust, or herself and everybody. “But,” she added, “I do think that one can’t have anything new whilst one cares for the old – do you know what I mean? – even fighting the old is belonging to it. I know, one is tempted to stop with the world, just to fight it. But then it isn’t worth it.”

“Yes,” she said. “In a way, one is of the world if one lives in it. But isn’t it really an illusion to think you can get out of it? After all, a cottage in the Abruzzi, or whatever it may be, isn’t a new world. No, the only thing to do with the world, is to see it through.”

“But there can be something else, can’t there?” she said. “One can see it through in one’s soul, long enough before it sees itself through in actuality. And then, when one has seen in one’s soul, one is something else.”
“Can one see it though in one’s soul?” asked Gudrun. “If you mean that you can see to the end of what will happen, I don’t agree. I really can’t agree. And anyhow, you can’t suddenly fly off to a new planet, because you think you can see to the end of this.”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes – one knows. One has no more connections here. One has a sort of other self, that belongs to a new planet, not to this. –You’ve got to hop off.”

“And what will happen when you find yourself in space?” she cried in derision. “After all, the great ideas of the world are the same there. You above everybody can’t get away from the fact that love, for instance, is the supreme thing, in space as well as on earth.”
“No,” said Ursula, “it isn’t. Love is too human and little. I believe in something inhuman, of which love is only a little part. I believe what we must fulfil comes out of the unknown to us, and is something infinitely more than love. It isn’t so merely human.”

-D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love


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