They might do as they liked – this she realised as she went to sleep. How could anything that gave one satisfaction be excluded? What was degrading? – Who cared? Degrading things were real, with a different reality. And he was so unabashed and unrestrained. Wasn’t it rather horrible, a man who could be so soulful and spiritual, now to be so – she balked at her own thoughts and memories: then she added – so bestial? So bestial, they two! – so degraded! She winced. – But after all, why not? She exulted as well. Why not bestial, and go the whole round of experience? She exulted in it. She was bestial. How good it was to be really shameful! There would be no shameful thing she had not experienced. – Yet she was unabashed, she was herself. Why not? – She was free, when she knew everything, and no dark shameful things were denied her.

-D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love


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